Employee’s Guide to Success – Improve with Lean!

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The book “Employee’s Guide to Success – Improve with Lean!” (139 pages) provides an easy-to-read description of the central parts of Lean and is aimed at employees at all levels of an organization. The book includes easily grasped, practical descriptions of standardization and continuous improvements, the aspects of Lean that constitute the basis for a successful implementation of a Lean culture.


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The book “Employee’s Guide to Success – Improve with Lean!” provides an easy-to-read description of the central parts of Lean and is aimed at employees at all levels of an organization. The book includes easily grasped, practical descriptions of standardization and continuous improvements, the aspects of Lean that directly impact everyone and that constitute the basis for a successful implementation of a Lean culture. 

The book offers an effective support for leaders in their efforts to train their subordinates. With brief and sententious chapters including questions for reflection and discussion, it offers great opportunities to link the book’s message to the reader’s own operation. In this way the book constitutes an excellent foundation for a concrete and practical Lean training in the own operation.

In addition to describing important Lean relationships, the book presents a number of employee- and leadership principles. The employee principles describe how employees can contribute to creating a Lean culture in an organization. These principles can also advantageously be used as a starting point during, for example, employee appraisals. The leadership principles, in turn, are described to enable employees to understand their leaders’ role in an organization striving for Lean.

Excerpt from the book
The book includes a total of 139 pages and you can find an excerpt from the book here. The excerpt provides a glimpse of how the message is conveyed in the book “Employee’s guide to success – Improve with Lean!”.

Foreword by Robert Martichenko

The book is recommended for readers who want an easy-to-read, easily grasped, and concrete introduction to Lean. For readers who, as a next step, want to gain a deeper understanding of Lean we recommend the book “Lean – Turn Deviations into Success!”. The book “Leadership – Making Lean a Success!”, in turn, provides a deeper understanding of what is required from leaders to succeed in leading their organizations towards Lean. Together these three books constitute a series, which means that they are complementary to each other.

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ISBN: 9789198037227

If I had had this book when starting my Lean journey, it would have gone much quicker. The book is pedagogical and describes ways of thinking simply and clearly. It is perfect for both employees and managers. I learnt new things despite having worked with Lean (SPS) for 15 years. Read it! ”
Ulla Petman, Gearbox Assembly Fitter, Scania

 ”This book presents an entire way of thinking to help improve an organization’s way of thinking and lead to increased efficiency. The book contains thought-provoking examples, which if correctly applied, will make any organization more efficient through encouraging employee participation which in turn motivates them and reduces absenteeism.”
Fredrik Lönner, Plastic and Hand Surgery Nurse, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

"This is the book I missed when our LEAN journey started. It provides theory, practice and examples that everyone needs no matter where on your LEAN journey you are.”
Anders Pihl, Support Handler, Ericsson AB

 "This book highlights clearly and concisely what is at the heart of lean, without being heavy-going. The book is a perfect starting point for an employee’s first steps in the improvement work.”
Jan Hellenberg, Object Leader Hardware Engineer, RUAG Space

 “This book is easy to read and understand. The illustrations are an excellent complement to the text as they clarify and reinforce the message. Furthermore, the book encourages you to really think about how lean can be applied in your own operation. I heartily recommend this book!”
Frida Johansson, Biomedical Scientist, Labmedicin Skåne

 "With a clear focus on what is expected of you as an employee, what you and your organization have to gain from striving towards lean, as well as good sections on standardization and improvement work; this is an introduction to Lean book that will definitely be on all our new employees’ desks!”
Daniel Bergman, Purchasing Controller, Byggmax 

 ”This book is easy to read and understand and is a wonderful textbook to support work with lean. It combines wonderfully what lean actually means with how it can be practically applied. I can highly recommend this book!”
Kerstin Landberg, Fitter at ABB Instrument Transformers and elected union representative in IF Metall

”This book is easy to read and has very good, clear examples which make it easy to understand and appreciate how lean can be applied to our work within healthcare.”
Brita Nilsson, Licensed practical nurse, Elderly Care, Borås City

 ”A book which in a concrete way summarizes what is essential in a successful lean undertaking. The philosophy of lean is concisely explained without the use of difficult words or abstract concepts.”
 Jonas Bäckström, Process Developer, Boliden Mineral AB

 "An easily accessible book which very accurately describes what work with lean entails. An important book for anyone who wants to get their team involved in improvement work.”
Marlene Hedlund, Licensed practical nurse, Elderly Care, Borås City

”This book is very easy to read! There is potential for good structures within healthcare and this book is the perfect tool to help establish them.”
Suzanne Diner, Licensed practical nurse, Elderly Care, Borås City

”This book is clear, accessible and shows the complexities in any work with change without being unnecessarily complicated. As well as emphasizing the importance of employee participation in driving improvement work, it is pedagogical, fun and gives a balanced view of lean. A must-read!”
Cecilia Wenster, Head of Section, Malmö City

 ”I found this book easy to read and follow, even if many of the words and concepts are new. I truly believe this book can give organizations the push they need if managers and employees have the interest and desire to work with lean.”
Sören Carlsson, Chairman of Unionen, Volvo PV Göteborg

 ”This book is an excellent tool to have when starting your lean journey. It will give employees insight into the importance of their role in contributing to improvement work.”
Ylva Söderholm, MAVA/50 Emergency Care at St Görans Hospital

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