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Lean – Turn Deviations into Success! 3rd edition The book is revised and has a much wider range of content than previous editions (60%). It provides a deep understanding of Lean, both in terms of how to interpret the Lean principles and how to create a Lean culture. The book focuses on the ways of thinking within Lean as well as what is required from leaders and employees to bring desired results.

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The book Lean – Turn Deviations into Success! is now available in a new (3rd) edition. It has been completely revised and has a much wider range of content than previous editions. It provides a deep understanding of Lean from a Western perspective, both in terms of how to interpret the Lean principles and how to create a Lean culture. The book focuses on the ways of thinking within Lean as well as what is required from leaders and employees so as to bring desired results. It is all about improving conditions to detect and eliminate waste. 

The 3rd edition is expanded by 60% compared to the previous edition. Improvements made in the 3rd edition include:

  • Increased focus on flow efficiency and its relation to resource efficiency
  • A clearer and more readable description of how efficient flows can be created
  • Greatly expanded content regarding goals and financial control including Lean Accounting
  • Many new examples and illustrations from several different types of businesses and operations
  • Less manufacturing oriented


The book is a textbook (with a lot of illustrations) aiming at increasing understanding and knowledge rather than solely providing inspiration. The organization’s understanding of the underlying reasoning is everything for long-term success with Lean. Sufficient understanding is necessary to consistently be able to choose the right improvement activities based on the operation’s unique circumstances.

The book is aimed at:

  • Lean practitioners seeking deeper understanding of why and how to apply Lean
  • Decision-makers facing the decision of whether to embark on a Lean journey
  • University students 

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ISBN: 9789198037241


Excerpts from the book

The book comprises a total of 355 pages and a sample can be found here. The sample provides a brief insight into how Lean is described in the 3rd edition of Lean – Turn Deviations into Success!


“This book on Lean and TPS provides an appealing holistic perspective covering the entire range from a broad (society) perspective down to tools and implementation in the daily operation. The reader is provided with examples to understand that the philosophy, or lifestyle, is applicable both within industry and other types of operations. Further, the book describes the history behind Lean and how principles and tools have been developed through the decades, a journey that continues. The book is easy to read and provides a platform for improving your own strategy, approach, principles, goals, and not least the implementation phase with advice on how to do it as well as warnings about pitfalls. The toolbox content is put into its context in an easy-to-grasp way and provides concrete visualization of models and tools. The book illustrates the tools as well as the values and it provides, in a relaxed, vivid, and pedagogic way, a basis to perform your own improvement work with Lean and TPS. I look forward to a new edition in a couple of years, because I think we all agree that TPS does not stand still.”
Sven Wirenhammar – Director, Supply Control, Toyota Material Handling Europe


 “This book is well-structured, well written, and it provides a good overview of the basics in Lean. The authors have chosen to give the book a broader perspective of Lean than just describing Lean Production. In this way the book is definitely worth reading also for people outside manufacturing. In addition, the book is excellent as course literature at a basic level.”
Monica Bellgran – Prof. Production Development, Mälardalen University


“All managers at Byggmax have used the last edition of this book in their Lean Management training. The book was highly appreciated and gave a lot of inspiration as to how we can improve. This new edition is even better in describing Lean from a holistic perspective and it really makes you realize what is required to create a Lean culture. This new edition is much more extensive, contains more in-depth descriptions, illustrations, and examples and on top of that it is also easier to read. The book will definitely facilitate our continued work to achieve even better results within Byggmax.”
Magnus Agervald – CEO Byggmax Group AB


“This is one of few books which more fully describe the entire Lean strategy in a useful way. The book provides important insights about how the Lean principles, in comparison with traditional control systems and processes, can support an organization/company to implement an operational control that is optimal and sustainable over time. In an easy way it describes in detail how the basics of Lean fit together at the same time as it is very useful for those who already are working with Lean.”
Monica Birgersson – Development Strategist Lean, Södertälje Municipality


”This book is an introduction to LEAN and it can also be suitable as course literature for basic LEAN courses. The book contains many good and tangible examples that are interspersed with illustrations and it gave me good insights about in which areas of our operation we should put more focus in order to raise our efficiency to the next level.”
Andreas Nordbrandt – President, Underground Rock Excavation Division, Atlas Copco Rock Drills AB

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