About Part Development AB

Part Development is a consulting organization that helps companies in various sectors to improve their operations and become more competitive based on Lean. We offer cutting-edge expertise, experience and active support in order to elevate our clients' performance to new heights. By analyzing our clients’ problems and opportunities we create a structure for improvement and support the organization throughout the entire implementation. Our approach which is based on support instead of performance maximizes customer learning, sustainability of results and project cost efficiency.   

Part Development has many years of practical experience in production and business development. In addition, all our consultants have research experience within production. Successful projects in many different industries and different types of businesses have given us a stable base upon which we can meet clients needs. In recent years, we have worked on business development within:

Manufacturing industry Distrubution Construction industry
Electronic industry Pharmaceutical industry Textile industry
Electric Power industry Municipalities Food industry
Automotive industry Healthcare Medical industry
Various types of administrative and service activities

Part Development is also an established training partner with extensive experience and a wide range of Lean training programs. Our approach to knowledge building is that the best way to learn is by doing. Therefore our courses comprise, as far as is possible, practical exercises where clients can practice on their own organizations. Part Development is also introducing various types of production games, some of which are proprietary to meet our clients' needs.

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