Lean by Yourself (Swedish)

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A unique opportunity for organizations to perform a Lean journey on their own.

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Lean by Yourself® - Step by Step towards a Lean Culture

A unique opportunity for organizations to perform a Lean journey on their own

Target Group
Lean by Yourself® (LbY) is a training program aimed at all types of organizations who want to perform a complete Lean training in a cost-effective way. The training program is based on the “Train the Trainer” concept and it suits those who are just about to start their Lean journey as well as those who have already come a long way. LbY provides the latter category with valuable support to further develop what is already in place.


Aim and Knowledge Base
LbY aims to provide participants with deep understanding of Lean and how its various parts can be applied within their own operation so as to achieve desired results. The training program is based on the contents of the following books:

  • Lean – Turn Deviations into Success!
  • Leadership – Making Lean a Success
  • Employee’s Guide to Success – Improve with Lean!

The training is performed in successive training waves from the top level and out in the organization. New training waves should be started until the entire organization has been trained. Every training wave should preferably be led by the participants’ immediate manager. The instructor’s task is to stepwise guide the participants through a number of different training elements. The instructor can rely on the support given by the instructor manual, which means that he or she does not have to be a Lean expert.


Contents and Structure
LbY consists of a number of training sessions, each one focusing on a specific part of Lean:

  • Values
  • Employee Principles
  • Leadership Principles
  • Goals and Results
  • Pulse Meeting
  • Standardization
  • Leveling
  • JIT (Flow)
  • Jidoka (Quality)
  • Improvement Work
  • Flow Analysis

Each training session is structured so as to stepwise guide the training team from theory to practice. This is done through the following activities:

  • Individual reading of the accompanying Lean books
  • Individual answering of study questions and subsequent common discussions on the same questions
  • Common discussions on a number of questions so as to link theory to the operation at hand
  • Practical exercises to reinforce learning
  • Go & See exercises in the participants’ operation so as to grasp the current state concerning the focus area in question
  • Practical tasks for small-scale application of the newly acquired knowledge within the operation. In this way the operation is improved whilst the training is still ongoing.

Estimation of Required Time
The training program aimed at leaders consists of 12 training sessions of 6-8 hours plus approximately 4-6 hours (per person) between each training session to work on tasks to apply the new learnings in the own operation.

The training program for employees is more flexible than the leader training. This is because the leaders should customize a training program that is adapted to their employees and the concerned operation. The instructor manual contains a proposed training program for employees that can be used as a starting point. This training consists of 9 training sessions of 2-3 hours.


Supplied Training Material

 Lean by Yourself® (LbY) contains the following parts:

  • Lean literature
    • 1 copy of “Lean – Turn Deviations into Success!”, 3rd revised edition
    • 1 copy of “Leadership – Making Lean a Success”
    • 1 copy of “Employee’s Guide to Success – Improve with Lean!”
  • 1 Instructor manual (a detailed stepwise description of the training program to support the instructor)
  • 1 Leveling Exercise (to experience and understand the effects of leveling)
  • 1 Leanvelope Exercise (a Lean game)
  • 1 Fire Exercise (to understand “Stop the process” and “standardization”)
  • 1 Lean Quiz (a quiz to harmonize the participants’ understanding of Lean and their own operation)
  • 1 Value Exercise (to create desired behaviors)
  • 1 USB memory stick containing:
    • Checklist: “Checklist for instructor”
    • Presentation: “What is Lean?”
    • Presentation: “Introduction to LbY”
    • Questions to be printed: “Study questions LbY”
    • Template for printing: “Template aircraft folding”
    • Form: “Self-assessment form for leaders”
    • Form: “Self-assessment form for employees”
    • Form: “Questionnaire Rapid Plant Assessment (RPA)”
    • Form: “Rating sheet Rapid Plant Assessment (RPA)”
    • Video: “Instructional video The Leanvelope Exercise”
    • Video: “Instructional video The Leanvelope Exercise_round 4”


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